Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Pre-reading "The Veldt"

     My parents have denied me something I want more than anything, especially when it was unrealistic. For instance, when I had wanted a new animal, when I was younger, and begged for it, and my mom instantly said no. She had been thinking about all the maintence that it would need, while I was thinking about how cute it was. This had been in Petco, and even when I said how much I needed it, she said no.
      If rooms in my house became sensitive to thoughts or feelings, then they would expierience a lot of emotions. The rooms would have one main feeling to sense, but then possibly jump feelings throughout the week, as the week slowly comes to an end, especially if there was an argument in the house.
     The viewpoint that, "nothing's too good for our children," I think is a common feeling. I believe that  a parent should feel this way about their child. Though, they don't need to go buying them everything they want saying that the child deserves everything. Children normally want most things, but a parent should not just say that, "nothing's too good for our children," and when they say this they can seem greedy. This makes the child seem perfect, and seem like they have never done anything wrong.
     The definition of veldt is, "an area of grassy land with few trees or shrubs especially in southern Africa."

Monday, October 2, 2017

Should an Adopted Child Have an Open or Closed File?

   Today's school wide vocab, was about adoptions, and if the information about adoptions be kept from the children. The text talks about a twelve-year-old named Phelan and how he was adopted. It also talks about closed and open adoptions. Phelan wants to get the information n his birth parents, but since it was a closed adoption he can't. When an adoption is open, that means that the child has full access to knowing who there parents are, and how to contact them. When an adoption is closed, the child can not see who is birth parents are and how to contact them, but could possibly know once  they are eighteen in some cases. When there are adoptions, it is up to the birth parents to decide if the adoption is closed or open. The some people leave adoptions open because they want the child to be able to talk to them and ask them questions, and some still want to be in their child's life even if they gave the child away. In other cases, though, some want the adoption to be closed. Some reasons why people would want an adoption to be closed is that they might think that it is to painful to see the child that there will be tension between the two, or that the birth parents are the best of people. In conclusion, I believe that the adoption should be either closed or open and that it should be up to the birth parents. So that way if they want the child to know their genetics or anything about them, but if the parents don't want them to know about them in the case that they are involved with anything that is not so good, then that should be up to the birth parents.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Moustache Feelings

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     I think that moustache's are an interesting choice of facial hair. I think that some people look good in them, and others don't. If you can make it work great, if you can't work a moustache then don't try. I personally think they are funny to see, but some think they are really cool looking. To me, they represent something like a cowboy. In old western movies, I feel like the cowboy always has a moustache, and it represents his status. I think that there may be something more to them than just being a trend. They seem to have been around for quite a long time, and some people still have them today. If they had been just a trend, then people wouldn't still wear them.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

An Explosion Making Friend?

     As I continued to read The Magic Thief: Lost, by Sarah Prineas, I decided I would like to have the main character, Connwaer, as a friend. I would like to have him as a friend because he is so adventures. For example, he goes places like where an old bad guys lair was, just see if there's slowsilver for his pyrotechnics. I would also like him as a friend because he tries different types of experiments so the magic will talk to him, and imagine getting to test out different chemical reactions to hear what the magic is saying. Finally, I would like to be is friend, because he doesn't mind if you tag along or not, as long as his friends families are okay with it.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Do You Want to Be a Wizard?

     Today I continued to read the book The Magic Thief: Lost, by Sarah Prineas, and thought about some questions that I would like to ask her if I ever met her. My first question would be, how come of all subjects you choose to right a book on magic? I would then ask her what had motivated her to write the book, and if any characters were based off of friends, family, or even herself. After that I would ask if she ever got writers block while writing this book, and if so, how did she get herself unblocked. Finally, I would ask if when she had been a child, had she ever gone through a phase were she had wanted to be a wizard, or even a wizards apprentice like the main character in the book is.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Three Reasons Why The Giver Book is Better Than the Movie

     In The Giver movie there were quite a few poor decisions that subtracted from the books meaning. I now think after watching The Giver movie and reading the book that The Giver book is better than the movie because, there were changes in scenes that were not as good as they could have been if they had followed the outline of the book a little closer, there were added scenes that I did not fully care for, and there were also character changes that were not needed. These things I felt truly subtracted from the books meaning.
     In the movie, there were a couple of scenes that were changed from in the book. One example of this is how in the book, during dinner Gabriel was still in the house when the father told the family about his release that was going to be the next day. Although when Jonas's dad told them in the movie, Gabriel was already at the nurturing center with the uncertains. Another difference is how the ending shows more of the community getting all the memories in the movie, and why you may say this is better, you have more suspense in the book, when you actually get to make up your own ending. One of the other changes was how they never showed the scene with the apple from the recreation center with Asher, in the movie they just showed him rolling the apple in his hands.
     During the movie I noticed that there were a couple of added scenes, which were nicely added, but also had some flaws. One scene I was not truly fond off was when Jonas tried to show Fiona what a sled was by riding down the middle rounded part of the staircase on a solar panel. I found this add in kind of ridiculous because one, imagine how hot metal on solar panels would be, and also it was not in the book for a reason, and it was quite an extreme change going from the book where he tries to give his friends memories of these things rather than show them experiences which were in the movie, this then causes a different perspective. Another added in scene was when Asher sees him sneaking out, and comes after him telling him to stop, and then Jonas punches him. I found this scene quite more intense than from the book, because in the book, he snuck off to the Givers without any real issues, I think that this added scene in the movie, just helped make Asher seem like more of an enemy of Jonas's than a loyal friend, and in the book, there were no real issues like they portrayed in the movie, so we thought that Jonas and Asher were loyal friends.
     The book obviously always comes before the movie version, so when we read the book, we get a sense of what the characters were like, but when they change things about the characters in the movie, they are not always highly appreciated changes to the characters. One example of this is how The lead Elder becomes more of a bad guy in the movie, and threat to Jonas, and you might say this adds more action to the book, but in the book, she is more of a side character, and only really is involved in the ceremony, which makes the other action parts seem larger in importance rather than adding in many conflicts. Another character change is how Asher gets assigned Drone pilot instead of recreation director, and ends up in the end going after Jonas, where as in the book, always stays fairly loyal to Jonas like I mentioned before, and are always there for each other. Fiona is also a nurturer instead of an elders caregiver, this changes the fact that we see more of the infants, and also Fiona turns into more of a main character, where as in the book she is more of a side character.
     All in all, I believe that the book is better than the movie. I believe this because, in the movie there are scene changes that do not fit, there were added scenes that were flawed, and some of the characters were changed into different people than they were in the book, which is good in moderation, but not when you do it as much as they did in the movie.

Will the Shadows Be Gone?

     Today I made a prediction while reading the book The Magic Thief: Lost, by Sarah Prineas. I made the prediction that the main character Connwaer would end up continuing to help Nevery, his master, and they would solve the mystery of the shadows together, and while doing this Connwaer would be able to control the magic again. I predicted all that because first of all Connwaer lost his powers, and pyrotechnics he thinks is the only way to get them back, but I am predicting that since he is already snooping around behind Nevery's back, and by teaming up to work with Nevery, Connwaer would end up finding rather his magical item, or realize he could talk to the magic. I also predicted that all that would happen because Connwaer and Nevery know the most about these shadows, and will end up using both their knowledge on the shadows to find an answer. Finally, I thought they would solve the mystery of the shadows together, because they are the main people in the book who are really trying to learn more about this topic, and find solutions to get rid of the shadows.